Sacred Vows, Arya Samaj Style: Where Tradition Meets Love

The Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1875 and the Arya Samaj style is based on the Vedic culture and traditions and you can opt for it to celebrate your bond. Book your dream wedding date with this ritual instead the court marriage in Delhi.

An Arya Samaj wedding is all about simplicity and elegance with some customs that need to be taken care of.


Pre-wedding Rituals

While there are many pre-wedding functions in an Arya Samaj Marriage, you do have a few nowadays like Sangeet, Haldi & Mehndi. They’re just a form of adding a little extra fun to the celebration. Apart from them, here are their wedding rituals and customs.

  • Shudhi

Shudhi is an extraordinary ritual in which the couple, if they are of non-Hindu origin, must become Hindus. Shudhi means purification. if a non-Hindu pair would like to have an Arya Samaj mandir marriage, the Arya Samaj allows them to get converted through a process called ‘Shuddhi’.

  • Mehndi

Embark the pre-wedding celebration is the Mehndi function. Though traditionally, Mehndi isn’t a part of Arya Samaj weddings, It usually takes place a day before the wedding, during the day, The mehndi designs consist of floral and geometric patterns with lines and various kinds of motifs adorning the bride’s hands and feet. almost all other females present also take part in the henna application and get mehndi applied to their hands.

  • Sangeet

In Arya marriages, “Sangeet” is a traditional pre-wedding ceremony that involves singing and dancing. It is a joyful celebration where family and friends come together to create a lively atmosphere with music and dance performances. Sangeet is an integral part of the wedding festivities, and it serves as a way to celebrate the union of the couple through music and dance.

  • Brahmbhoj

Arya Samaj highly worships knowledge and wisdom. The Brahmbhoj ceremony emphasizes their belief in an ocean of wisdom. In this ceremony, a total of 16 Brahmins are invited over for lunch. They are fed with the best delicacies and food to seek their blessings. Brahmins are believed to be highly intellectual and worshippers of knowledge. Hence, Brahmbhoj is a customary pre-wedding ceremony and hold utmost importance in an Arya Samaj Marriage.

  • Haldi

The haldi ceremony is a very important function that is held either in the morning of the wedding Before the couple is married, they go through the Haldi ceremony, which is where their families gather to spread the oil, water, and turmeric over the couple.

  • Chhoodha and Nath Ceremony

In this ceremony, the girl wears twenty one ivory red bracelets. The number twenty-one is considered lucky and red is the colour of the bride and groom. Nat is a traditional nose ring given to him by his maternal uncle to prepare for the new life he wants to live.


Bottom Line

Arya Samaj pre-wedding rituals are rooted in Vedic traditions and promote simplicity and purity. These practices reflect the principles of Arya Samaj, emphasizing the importance of moral values and a commitment to a harmonious married life.

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