Arya Samaj Mandir & Its Importance on Arya Samaj Marriage Registration

Starting your new life with Arya Samaj Marriage is certainly a wise decision. It is an economical option to solemnize your wedding no matter how rich or poor you are. And importantly, you need to choose a government-registered Arya Samaj Mandir to fix your Arya Samaj wedding date. Even if you wish then you can make it grand like other marriages that happen in our society. You can arrange a grand reception at the mandir premise with the due permission of the mandir authority.  It is completely up to you whether you want to keep your Arya Samaj wedding simple or extraordinary.

Locate Only Registered Arya Samaj Temple

If you start your search for Arya Samaj mandir then you will end up with a large number of temples. But, not every so-called Arya temple is a genuine Arya Samaj temple. There are lots of fake temples that are running fake Arya Samaj marriage and registry businesses to loot money from innocent couples. So if you want your marriage to get registered according to Arya Samaj marriage norms (Arya Samaj Validation Act, 1937), locate the government-registered Arya Samaj wedding mandir only.

Importance of Arya Samaj Marriage Temple

When you will perform your wedding counting on Arya Samaj marriage rituals, you need to do the marriage only at the government-authorized Arya Samaj Mandir. If you are asking why to read the points below carefully.

  • If your Arya Samaj marriage is performed at an unregistered mandir, the marriage will fail to get registered.
  • You will not have any valid proof of your Arya Samaj marriage.
  • You will not able to register your marriage further under the Indian wedding act – Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or Special Marriage Act 1954.
  • You cannot show valid proof of marriage internationally.
  • You would not able to get any marriage-related rights or ask for your right as a bride.

Remember the cheap Arya Samaj Marriage cost may induce you to perform your marriage at any unregistered Arya Samaj temple. But, you will end up with only disappointment and your marriage will not consider valid.

Facilities Provided At Registered Arya Samaj Temple

All the Arya Samaj marriage rituals would be performed only under the supervision of a registered and experienced pandit ji.

  • Not only your marriage ceremony but also your Arya Samaj marriage registration would be done at the temple just after your marriage.
  • You will not able to tie the knot until or unless you submit all the documents to the Arya Samaj marriage registration office.
  • You need to present at the mandir with your bride/groom your family and friends, and witnesses.
  • Your lawyer will assist you in every step from the completion of your Vedic marriage ceremony to Arya Samaj’s marriage registration.
  • You would leave the vicinity of the temple with your Arya Samaj marriage registration certificate. The certificate later helps you to register your marriage under Indian marriage law and stamp it officially.

One more thing to add,

If you are about to do a love marriage via the Arya Samaj marriage ritual at Arya Samaj Mandir, you would get legal protection; in case your family is against you.

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