All You Need to Know About Arya Samaj Marriage & Its Processes

When you want to keep your marriage ceremony simple and affordable, Arya Samaj marriage would be one of the best ways for you. Now, if you are not aware of the term Arya Samaj Mandir or marriage, this article is going to be your reliable guide.

What is Arya Samaj Marriage?

Arya Samaj Vivah or marriage is a wonderful thing. if you and your partner are Hindu by birth then you can easily perform marriage according to Arya Samaj rituals. In general, the Arya Samaj Vivah ceremony is performed under the strong guidance of the Vedic mantra and rituals. An experienced priest or pandit ji only can perform this marriage. let us know about the stages that an Arya Samaj wedding ceremony always caters to,

Pre-Wedding Ceremony

  • Bramhanbhoj
  • Chura and Nath Ceremony for the Bride

Optional occasions are like Haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi, and the rest on.

Wedding Rituals

  • Chanting hymns and worshiping Gods like Agni, Sun, Shiva, and Vishnu.
  • Varmala and bridegroom Swagat ritual
  • Madhuparkaa
  • Yagnas and Kanyadaan
  • Havan and Godan (Gift of cows or calf)
  • Pani Grahan Sanskar
  • Shilarohan
  • Lajahom
  • Sathphere or Parikaram
  • Kesh mochan
  • Saptapadi and Hriday Sparsh Mantra
  • Sindoor Dan and Mangalsutra pradan
  • Surya Darshan

Post Wedding Rituals

  • Akhand Subhagyavati
  • Ashirwaad
  • Dhruv Darshan

And last and certainly on the list is reception. Though, the couple needs to ask whether they can arrange a reception in the area of Arya Mandir or not. If anyone wants to arrange a grand reception then he/she is free to do it after the Vedic Arya Samaj wedding rituals at their place or anywhere else.

Eligibility of Arya Samaj Wedding

The age eligibility is as same as our Indian penal court decides.

  • The bride must be 18 or above and the groom must be 21 or above to perform Arya Samaj Marriage.
  • If both the bride and bridegroom are Hindu, Sikh, Jain, or Buddhist then they can perform the marriage easily at Arya Samaj Mandir nearby their location.
  • But, if anyone from the couple is Muslim, Christian, or Persi then the party needs to undergo the Suddhi process to change his religion as well as name.

Arya Samaj wedding is performed among inter-caste Hindus and NRIs. Even, inter-religion marriages are done with the Arya Samaj ritual. Though, Suddhi is a must there for marriages.

Documents to Process Arya Samaj Wedding

The bride and bridegroom both need to provide their address proof, identity proof, age proof, 4 copies of passport size photos for each, and two witnesses (1 witness from each side) during the Arya Samaj Marriage registration in the Arya Samaj Mandir. If parents would not present during the ceremony, you need to go for an affidavit also

Two Types of Arya Samaj Wedding

  • If the marriage would be performed between a Hindu bride and groom, it is called an Arya Samaj wedding under the Hindu Marriage Act, of 1955.
  • If the bride or groom belongs to a different religion or they do court marriage with Arya Samaj wedding rituals then the marriage would be solemnized under Special Marriage Act, 1954.


The best part is tying knots via Arya Samaj marriage rituals (Vedic and legal) is easy and affordable.

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